DJ Tres Manos. Una entrevista en tres idiomas.

В рамках подготовки к нашей первой вечеринке в формате танцев в дружественной обстановке, которая состоится уже в этот четверг, мы пообщались с одним из героев мероприятия. Your Only Friend /Dj Tres Manos (Cyclo Recordings).

1. Cuéntanos un poco de tus proyectos, pasados y presentes

Well, bettering myself as a DJ has always been the main mission, and by this I mean seeking out unique music I like, getting to know that music and practicing the skills it takes to tell the story you want to tell to your crowd with that music. However, with the influx of new technologies that make DJing almost automatic, i think it is even more important to step up our game so people appreciate what a real DJ does. But most recently, the focus has been on making time in between traveling to get back in the Studio again. I’ve been producing new music as well as a few remixes for labels like Cyclo and Sound Black. I’m also relaunching my Your Only Friend Label this February with a Lady Blacktronika EP and as always seeking out new artist I can help along on their journey.

1395355_750859211597347_385861074_n Photo by Eugene Onegin

2. Has estado en los paises de la exURSS?

Yes. About 7 years back I was booked for a month to be the resident DJ at Hospital Club in Khabarovsk. As it is so far away (past Siberia, about 20km from the Chinese border) and travel time there took about something like 12 hours, it made sense for them to book DJ for a good stay.

3. Cómo valorarías la calidad de eventos de aquellos mundos?

I was pleasantly surprised when i got to Khabarovsk. The owners of the club were very cool and took good care of me. Put me up in a penthouse apartment about a block away from the club and gave me access to the coolest restaurant in town (also a block away) to get whatever, whenever, I wanted. The club itself had one of the best sound systems and DJ booths I’ve ever played on. It was well designed and the crowd was very loyal and open to hearing something different. I brought a big bag of records when I went and as it was so far away from everywhere and most people just played CDs still, they were definitely not used to seeing people play records (“Vinyl”, for all you new schoolers. I still don’t know why people stopped calling them “records”, but that’s another matter.. ) and were very enthusiastic about me playing. For being a small city in the middle of nowhere, they definitely knew what was up!

1393865_750856504930951_1093522023_n Photo by Eugene Onegin

4. Y si compararlo con Europa?

Well.. it’s hard to compare what I saw of russia to Europe. They are totally different. Europe is so used to having this culture around that the “magic” of novelty has worn out. A lot of promoters have become complacent in their efforts to book interesting, and good DJs and opt for booking guaranteed room fillers. In many cases, producers, not DJs. The crowds have become obsessed with hanging out backstage instead of dancing to the music. I can’t speak for Moscow, as I haven’t been there, yet… Emoticono smile but In Khabarovsk. they were hungry for it and danced their asses off. I definitely appreciated that!


5. Explícanos un poco de tus planes cercanos.
Well… the near future really involves a few more collaborations in the studio. I tend to prefer working alone, but know that in the past when I’ve worked with other like minded artists, like Lady Blacktronika, some pretty magical stuff has come out. I am also looking at a new club in Barcelona with great sound to start throwing one off events again. and Well…. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone yet, but I’ve been seriously considering putting together a live act with my old label partner Steve Ferrand. So that’s what’s in the works for 2016 and from the looks of it.. So, between this and touring… not a lot of sleep.


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